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“I have seen things in backstage port-a-potties that would make a Navy SEAL breakdown and weep in sheer terror, things so unspeakable that they would drive the Tidy Bowl Man to commit suicide in disgrace over the fact that such abominations could exist in a world with indoor plumbing. I am not a prissy man, nor a germ-a-phobe. I once shat on the throne at CBGB, widely regarded as the worst toilet in the northern hemisphere. But a backstage port-a-potty at European summer music festival would make even the mighty fecal-friendly GG Allin pause before entering. And that is BACKSTAGE- the ones the audience members use must be the stuff of nightmares.”–D. Randall Blythe


D. is the singer for the metal band Lamb of God. He’s a strong supporter of my writing. We hung out once, had a great time, and send each other a lot of texts and email. I really like the way his mind works.


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